Take a look at what our customers are saying about DMDS:

"We believe that DMDS will enable us to offer a higher level of service and functionality to our advertising clients."
Dick Gary
Chairman, The Gary Group
"By implementing YANGAROO’s cutting-edge DMDS 5.0 platform, we hope to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our music video delivery process while significantly reducing its environmental impact."
Emilienne Gray
Senior Vice President, Talent & Music Programming and Strategy MTV & VH1
"For quite some time now, we have been working diligently to move the entire GRAMMY voting process to a digital platform, and DMDS provides the proven and tested solution we have been looking for. We are pleased to partner with an industry leader like YANGAROO as we streamline our operations and move closer to our digital strategy goals, which include providing an online listening function for our voting members."
Neil Portnow
President/CEO, The Recording Academy
"We view DMDS as the gold standard for secure digital distribution. We use it exclusively and have virtually eliminated the need for CD’s to deliver music to our partners at radio."
Steve Kane
President and CEO, Warner Music Canada
"My job is VERY ‘new media.’ If I have a laptop, a mic and an Internet connection, I can literally work from anywhere in the world at any time. DMDS helps that by offering me access to music that I need. I’m not sure how we lived without it."
Alan Cross
Senior Program Director, Corus Interactive and Integrated Solutions
"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say 'thanks' for your continued great service. As you know, this week we released Coldplay's "Violet Hill" in Canada through DMDS and the entire process was flawless as usual. We continue to be pleased with our relationship with you and DMDS and find the service to be efficient, effective and secure."
Rob Chubey
Director of National Promotion - Capitol / Virgin / EMI Music Canada
"YANGAROO's DMDS has become the gold standard for secure digital delivery, leading the world to moving entirely to a digital model and giving up the inefficient, expensive and non-environmentally friendly CDs."
Erica Farber
Former President and Publisher of R&R
"DMDS is the premiere digital media distribution system available."
Adrian Moreira
VP Adult Format Promotion for RCA Music Group
"DMDS tracks sound just like you ripped them from the CD yourself. Easy to use and good for the environment -- no more filling up the trash with packaging materials from stacks of CDs."
Dominic Nardella
Program Director, WKRK / 92.3 K-Rock/Cleveland
"DMDS allows us to scoop the competition by getting music first."
Sean "The Rabbi" Tyszler
Music Director, WMMR/Philadelphia
"I love the DMDS service-efficiency, high quality and convenience all-in-one."
APD/Music Director, KLLC/San Francisco
"Downloading from DMDS is fast, the CD-quality tracks sound great, and it's simple enough for a purple-haired DJ to use!"
Mistress Carrie
Music Director, WAAF/Boston
"This is great technology.  As competitive as radio is, you can have access to the newest music first by downloading directly into your system.  It is user-friendly and the quality is excellent."
Anne Verebely
General Manager, WJLZ/Norfolk
"DMDS is one of the things that make my programming duties easier.  The quickest way to get music I need NOW!"
Tim Virgin
Music Director/PM Drive, WKQX/Chicago
"I’m a big fan of DMDS and digital delivery in general.  First, I hate clutter and the thought of filling landfills with just the plastic generated by the CD Pro’s in my office (let alone the office of every PD and MD in the country) horrifies me."
Chris Herrmann
Program Director, WXPK New York City
"At SONY Music (Canada) Inc., we use digital delivery via DMDS exclusively for internal and radio distribution. In fact, we have not delivered hard copies to radio here years."
Warren Copnick
Director, National Promotion, SONY Music Canada
"Their DMDS system is the pinnacle digital distribution system. Offering radio programmers direct and easy access to a music library under the most secure distribution system available is a win for both the record and radio industries."
Rob Sisco
Former President, Nielsen Music
"DMDS is definitely the leader in the secure digital delivery field for the music industry. Their competitive success in Canada, where all major labels and all chart-monitored radio chose DMDS, combined with the partnership with Billboard and endorsement of Clear Channel Radio in the US, encouraged me to lend my support to YANGAROO’s international growth."
Rupert Perry
"DMDS has set the benchmark for the secure digital delivery of music in Canada."
Jeremy Summers
Director of National Promotion, Universal Music Canada
"I’ve had nothing but good results from DMDS.  It works as advertised, customer service (when needed) has been responsive, and as labels begin to use the service more and not only use it to deliver music, but also important related information, this platform becomes a no-brainer."
Chris Herrmann
Program Director, WXPK New York City
"Using DMDS is as easy as creating an email blast... The process is streamlined and professional. And just as importantly, the results are effective. I've used DMDS on several video submissions so far and have been very pleased with the responses so far"
Steven Gottlieb
Principle, Video Static
"We used DMDS to deliver the Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Barenaked Ladies videos and others, and could not be happier with the results. DMDS gets the video to air much quicker, plus we’re saving money - which is always a good thing."
Rob Chubey
VP National Promotion, EMI Music Canada
"We had previously tried another digital platform for our awards submissions and adjudication processes that did not perform to our expectations. Our industry partners at CARAS [administrators of the JUNO® Awards], had great success working with the YANGAROO team for the last two years, and recommended that we switch to the proven and superior DMDS solution."
Rick Fenton
Executive Director, Western Canadian Music Alliance
"For record labels and artists, using DMDS eliminates the cumbersome task of addressing packaging and shipping CDs, saving time, effort, and money. For radio, they get their music faster and in higher quality, and in fact can access anything they don’t already have directly from our charts."
Robert K. Haber
CEO, CMJ Network
"Getting setup to work with DMDS was very straight forward, "I was able to upload a full broadcast quality video on behalf of our client within a few minutes, choose the destinations, and with the click of a mouse, it was on its way and delivered, truly a revolutionary process."
Ben Vaughn
Managing Director, Devlin Video International
"Music meetings become easier and more organized as more of my potential songs and artists are delivered digitally.  Finally, there is no quality issue whatsoever!  44.1 PCM wav files are exactly what I’d get if I ripped it myself."
Chris Herrmann
Program Director, WXPK New York City
"Our friends at YANGAROO approached us about taking part in this digital video file delivery test and we just jumped at the opportunity. In a perfect world, we would love to deliver all our video submissions to major television broadcasters digitally versus the traditional Beta SP route. DMDS is fast, much less expensive, gives perfect quality and is environmentally-friendly to boot."
John Franck
Senior VP, E1 Music
"Integrating DMDS into our evaluation process was an easy decision. The technology is not only more efficient and less expensive, but it also poses clear environmental benefits."
Melanie Berry
President, CARAS